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Special Report Transcript Episode 83, Section 5, Time 43:16

When at last Denzil Potgieter does pack up his bags and go home it will be to his family in Cape Town and his practice there as an advocate. It is probably only Potgieter who will then be surprised when he gets the call to serve his country again. Let’s move on. Just before the 1994 election when almost everyone else in the country was preparing for a united democratic South Africa the white right wing was calling for a whites only ‘volkstaat.’ While the rest of the country was talking peace the right wing was threatening war. They tried to destabilize the country through a series of terrorist attacks and many of them ended up behind bars. Today the Afrikaner Weerstands Beweging and other right wing organisations such as the Bond van Boere- Krygsgevangenes are pleading for amnesty for these right wing prisoners. They claim that, like the ANC they too were engaged in a political struggle for freedom.

Notes: Max du Preez

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Prior to February 1990, violations committed by members of right-wing organisations took the form of isolated attacks with a strong racist character. During the early 1990s, members of right-wing organisations, perceiving themselves to be placed under siege by the process of constitutional ...
(Afrikaans; 'nation state') a 'state' or area set aside for Afrikaners to pursue their quest for self-determination
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