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Special Report
Transcripts for Section 1 of Episode 84

00:20Hello. Thanks for joining the Special Report. We have seven different reports in this programme so it would be worth your while staying until the end. Among today’s reports are that terrible phenomenon of the 1980s, necklacings; the brutal South African attack on Cassinga in Angola and the destruction of the vibrant society of Sophiatown 40 years ago. But we begin in Boksburg where the Truth Commission’s Amnesty Committee this week heard amnesty applications from members of an ANC self defence unit. The 11 men are applying for amnesty for an attack they carried out in December 1993 on members of their own organisation, the ANC Youth League. It is the first time the Truth Commission has heard evidence of gross human rights violations where the perpetrators and the victims were members of the same political party. It is a brutal story; one that tells us a little bit of how crazy those days were in the townships east of Johannesburg.Full Transcript
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