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Special Report
Transcripts for Section 3 of Episode 84

20:28The black security policemen are no longer here to tell their side of the story. They were killed by Lotz and others in a cover up that has become known as the Motherwell bomb. Perhaps the most serious casualty of this operation was the very law and order that these policemen claimed they were so desperate to uphold.Full Transcript and References
20:50Your motive for killing Mr. Goniwe was to restore peace in the Eastern Cape. // That’s correct Mr. Chairperson. // After Mr. Goniwe’s death an increase in violence and one of the fruits that you reaped as a result of his murder, you and the country reaped, was a declaration of a state of emergency in July 1985. // Yes, state of emergency was declared, yes.Full Transcript and References
21:36Both Taylor and Lotz say they now regret what they did that night of the 27th of June, 1985. // I’m sure the only thing that one can say is I’m sorry. I don’t think it would be accepted, I’m sorry about what happened.Full Transcript
21:56My first impression was that this guy looks really sorry but as time went on I thought that no, he is not yet coming closer to the truth and that now destroyed all the sympathies that I had for him.Full Transcript
22:10Well if they truly showed remorse I’m sure the family would accept their apology, but now they are telling lies. They are making us more angry instead of sympathizing with them.Full Transcript
22:27There is no doubt that the amnesty hearing in relation to the deaths of the Cradock Four is one of the most important cases to be heard in the Eastern Cape. The Amnesty Committee has spent the last two weeks listening to testimony and they have now adjourned until June or July when further witnesses will be called. In the meantime the Committee members have certain crucial questions to ponder. The widows and families of the Cradock Four have waited 13 years to find out the truth about the loss of their loved ones. They went home on Friday knowing that for another three months at least their questions will remain unanswered.Full Transcript
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