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Special Report Transcript Episode 84, Section 3, Time 12:40

I then took one of the persons out of the vehicle while he was still cuffed and made him walk ahead of me. I had a steel spring with me, which I had brought along. While the person walked ahead of me I hit him on the back of the head with the spring after which he appeared to be unconscious or dead, he wasn’t moving. // What happened then? // The black members then stabbed the person with knives; it was with their own knives. I know that the persons were then set alight and the evidence which I have heard regarding what happened I cannot remember. I think it happened. I think at that stage I entered a stage of shock to put it that way.

Notes: Gerhardus Lotz (Amnesty applicant); Kobus Booysens; Gerhardus Lotz

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