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Special Report Transcript Episode 84, Section 3, Time 14:28

Firstly, he was in charge of the operation and then secondly, when the Goniwe Four were taken, Van Zyl took Goniwe, in other words physically during the kidnapping. If I have to explain the language used, I would be pleased. He was surprised because of the resistance offered by Goniwe. // Is that Van Zyl? // Yes. And during this resistance, this took place in the car, a shot was fired and it went through the roof of the vehicle. // Is it possible that there could be confusion when it was conveyed to you and that is perhaps how this emerged? // No, I’m quite prepared to do a polygraph test in this hall; I have no problem with this. What I’m saying here is correct.

Notes: Eugene de Kock; Kobus Booysens (Counsel for Van Zyl); Eugene de Kock

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