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Special Report Transcript Episode 85, Section 4, Time 46:38

The abducted men were brought here to Post Chalmers, 250 kilometres from Port Elizabeth. Today Post Chalmers is a deserted holiday farm. Fourteen years ago it was a disused police station. Post Chalmers is remote and far enough from surrounding farms for activities to be private. This is probably why it was ideal for the Eastern Cape security branch to use for interrogations, killings and the burning of bodies. The morning after arriving at Post Chalmers the policemen started preparing for the interrogation of their prisoners who’d been locked in this outbuilding overnight. They were removed from the outbuilding one by one for interrogation and this is where the story starts to diverge. Joe Mamasela, an askari who was involved in this operation, sings a completely different song to all the other amnesty applicants. He says the men were removed and over the next two days were basically beaten and tortured to death. Their bodies then thrown back into this outbuilding.

Notes: Post Chalmers

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