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Special Report Transcript Episode 86, Section 1, Time 00:15

Hello. Welcome to the second last edition of the Special Report. Before we get on with today’s report a huge apology to all our viewers. Our programme was not broadcast last Sunday, as it had been for almost two years. The Special Report team was very upset and embarrassed by this because the programme was ready for broadcast. Somebody had put the video tape where nobody could find it on Sunday afternoon. Our sincere apologies. We hope something like this will never happen again at the SABC. In tonight’s programme we bring you stories and background of the many graves that were dug up by the Truth Commission the past week and the trial of Ferdi Barnard. We also take a wider look at the question of remorse and we ask should saying you’re sorry not have been a precondition for amnesty.

Notes: Max du Preez

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