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Special Report Transcript Episode 86, Section 2, Time 06:40

Just a few meters away the scene around the three graves looks more like an ANC rally than a site of an exhumation, but the premier of the North West. Popo Molefe says the ANC members are here to support the families of the three MK soldiers. They’ve have come here to unearth the remains of Watson Majova , Aaron Makwe and another soldier known only as Khwedi. The three were murdered by the security forces at the nearby township of Tlhabani in 1985. Their bodies are believed to have been disposed of in these graves, but as the relentless digging continues the earth reveals more dark secrets than expected. Instead of one body, at least four bodies are discovered in this grave. Another four bodies are removed from a second grave, body after body, until finally a total of 12 heaps of remains, all wrapped tightly in these plastic bags, are lifted from the soil. The Majova family say they have mixed feelings because they still don’t know which body belongs to their son and brother, Watson Majova.

Notes: ANC supporters at exhumation, remains of 12 bodies exhumed

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