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Special Report Transcript Episode 86, Section 2, Time 01:34

On Monday morning the TRC leads the family of slain askari, Brian Ngqulunga to his gravesite at Vlakplaas, South Africa’s most notorious death farm. Ngqulunga was one of the black security policemen who lived and died in the dirty sinister world of Vlakplaas. He was part of the team that brutally murdered human rights lawyer, Griffiths Mxenge, in 1981. By 1987 Ngqulunga was about to crack. He’d become too much of a threat to the Vlakplaas death squad. He knew too much and he too had to die. Ngqulunga was buried here, because his community would not accept the shame of burying an askari in their township. Today, his wife Catherine has finally come to reclaim his remains from the killing fields of Vlakplaas.

Notes: Brian Ngqulunga’s gravesite, Vlakplaas

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