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Special Report Transcript Episode 87, Section 2, Time 18:30

‘Unearthing the Truth’ // Perhaps the most disappointing part of the Truth Commission has been its investigations unit. They were handicapped from the start by rules restricting the kind of investigators it could employ. The regional head of investigations in the Eastern Cape was fired from misconduct and the national director of investigations, Glen Goosen resigned over clashes with his boss, Dumisa Ntsebeza. Cases like the murder of David Webster should have been cracked by the unit but in this instance the justice system has showed up the shortcomings of the Truth Commission. The investigation unit’s most notable failure has been its inaction over the violence in KwaZulu-Natal. 20 000 people have died here in the terrible conflict between the ANC and the IFP, but there has been little explanation of who ordered and carried out the violence. The TRC never subpoenaed Mangosuthu Buthelezi or any of his Lieutenants to explain their role. One of the most notable successes of the TRC’s Investigation Units has been the exhumation unit which has helped many families dig quite literally for the dark secrets of the past. Over the last two years of investigations many amnesty applicants have led families to the unmarked graves of their husbands or brothers or children. This digging has unearthed a more tangible truth, brittle bones, shattered skulls, pieces of clothing that were once part of a living, breathing person. Phila Ndwandwe, Blessing Ninela, Barney Molokoane, Selby Mavuso, Watson Majova were just some of the young activists brutally murdered and anonymously buried by the South African security forces during the 1980s. Over the months we have told you many of their moving stories. Who will forget the story of the Ndwandwe family, who spent nine years hunting for their young activist daughter, Phila? Not only did they find her remains, they also found the love of a grandson they had never known. In April last year Phila was given a hero’s funeral by the ANC and her young child was presented with the medal, honouring his mother’s bravery. // ‘Long live the spirit of Portia Ndwandwe, long live!’ // And so the pain and sacrifice of one generation became the pride and celebration of another.

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TRC Final Report
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