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Special Report Transcript Episode 87, Section 4, Time 51:57

‘On the granting of amnesty to the 37 ANC leaders’ // Unfortunately politicians will look for anything that seems to give them some sort of mileage and I am sad actually to discover that some people whom I had thought did have integrity actually haven’t. I mean, they actually tell untruths. Because the nationalist party knows that the TRC had its case ready on Tuesday of that particular week and we have it on the word of someone that they actually got in touch with the State Attorney to say we hear that you’re about to serve papers and we would like to join your action. Now, one has been very quiet actually. Now they claim that our case was prepared hurriedly. They know it’s nonsense. I mean if you look at the annexures that you have to prepare, you can’t prepare those hurriedly. We could have served the papers on Tuesday, but we were actually trying to find a way where we would deal with the matter expeditiously and this would have been by getting first of all the matter of service sorted out and then getting an order by concerned. And I’m actually saddened by the low level of integrity that seems to be evident by how some political parties dealt with the matter. // So, it would be fair to say that your general view of politicians in South Africa is slightly lower now than when you started dealing with them through the Truth Commission? // [Laughs] I would say yes. I am saddened because I believe that each one of us is a saint until the contrary is proven and I’m a little disillusioned by some of the behaviour of some people.

Notes: Archbishop Tutu

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