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Special Report Transcript Episode 9, Section 2, Time 05:26

But sometimes it was an ANC comrade who was hunted down by the other side. In 1989 Mosala Moiloa died at the hands of a mob. // When this mob came, this very same Dikwankwetla. mob, they tore the shack apart because they were looking for my brother. When my brother came out they chopped his head with a panga. My brother tried to run away but he fell on the street. Each and every one of them wanted to take his part or to make his share, then they started stabbing him.

Notes: TRC testimony: Modise Moiloa (brother)

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BLOEMFONTEIN Mr Tshabalala, Betty Laliwe Lowape, Morgan Sabatha Phehlani, Pumla Marina Mashoang, Bhaki George Morake, Mrs G S Daseko, Modisi Elias Moyhilwa, Mamarama Tshale, Mr Pistsol, Shuping Josiah Motlale, Mr E Molatseli, Shadrack Rataba and Jonas Molehe, Mr B Bolane
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