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A policeman, and two of his colleagues, were injured in an attack by APLA operatives at the Kragbon Police Dog Unit in Sasolburg, Orange Free State, during 1993. One perpetrator was granted amnesty (AC/2001/239). See APLA attacks.

... van streek ses wat nooit by die kommissie ingehandig is nie het meneer Staal Burger gese dat hy die leers in Januarie vanjaar aan meneer Christo Brits … [… regarding the missing Region 6 project files that was never submitted to the Commission, Staal Burger said he submitted the files to ...
... have not interviewed or questioned Joe Mamasela yet but they have been informed of his confession. Police Assistant Commissioner [inaudible] Brits said this week the investigation has nearly been completed and he is meeting Natal Attorney-General Tim McNally this week to discuss possible ...
... of the following people. Firstly those immediately involved in the assassination: the CCB Region 6 operatives, Wouter Basson also known as Christo Brits, Staal Burger, Chappie Maree, Ferdi Barnard, Calla Botha, Slang van Zyl. I would also have included Eugene Rily who have since died a violent ...
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