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An ANC supporter who was assaulted, hacked and burnt to death on 1 August 1993 in Tokoza, Transvaal, allegedly by Khumalo gang members. The Khumalo gang had close links with the IFP and was allegedly involved in the murder of key political leaders in Tokoza. See Khumalo gang.

The court however found that these people were on the scene and associated themselves with the killing so strongly that they too were guilty of murder. It is this that the accused find hard to understand. They were simply not killers, they say. Evalina de Bruin said she did not understand that the ...
That day of the murder I was busy with other things. I was fighting the police, for what they were doing was shooting people with teargas. // On that day of the happenings I was here at home… // I was not there where the policeman was killed. I don’t know who killed him up to this day.
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