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MATTHEE, Vivian Stanley (aka 'Trevor')

Age 28

An MK operative from Paarl, Cape, who was shot dead by Vlakplaas operatives in a raid on two houses in Maseru, Lesotho, on 19 December 1985. Nine people were killed in the raid, three of which were citizens of Lesotho. Seven operatives, including the deputy commander of Security Branch headquarters, the commander of the section that oversaw the work of Vlakplaas, and the commander of Vlakplaas, applied for amnesty for the operation. All except the commander of Security Branch headquarters were granted amnesty (AC/2001/231 and AC/2001/279).

‘Maseru Lesotho December 1985’ // Nine people died in this attack. Among the dead was Jackie Quinn whose family testified at the TRC in 1996. // I feel that as long as the people up top who gave the order are exposed, that it’s going to help a lot. If we can find out, it must be somebody in ...
It was 1 am, December 20, 1985. A few days earlier their daughter Phoenix had her 1st birthday. Leon was in the bathroom when the house was attacked. Jacqui was murdered first. We could later see how Leon tried to break off the burglar bars. Bullets lay strewn in the bathroom and there were bullet ...
Cross-border raids, a way for police and soldiers to earn medals. To exiled South Africans living in neighbouring states, it only meant death and destruction. This is the tragic story of Jaquiline Quin, her husband Leon Meyer, also known as Joe, their daughter, Phoenix and a close family Quin. The ...
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