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Was shot and killed when APLA operatives threw hand grenades at and opened fire on the congregation of St James’ Church, Kenilworth, Cape Town, on 25 July 1993. Eleven people were killed and fifty eight were wounded in the attack. Three of four APLA members were granted amnesty for the attack. The fourth had his application struck off the roll for failing to attend the amnesty hearing (AC/1998/0018). See APLA attacks.

St. James today looks like any other church in the suburbs. Inside its quiet, sun slanting down onto pews, hymn books neatly arranged for the next service. On Sundays more than a thousand people file into its vast interior, but on a stormy Sunday’s night in July four years ago, shortly after the ...
APLA as a unit, that is APLA high command, is shouldering responsibility of all the activities that took place since its inception in 1961 till the cut-off date that is May 1994.
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