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Was one of five people injured when a limpet mine placed by MK operatives exploded at an electricity sub-station in Chamberlain, Jacobs, Durban, on 9 January 1986. One SAP member was fatally wounded. Two MK operatives were granted amnesty for the incident (AC/2001/108).

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... ranks range from ordinary policemen to colonels and brigadiers. They are supported by former police commissioners, Johan Coetzee, Johan van der Merwe, and Mike Geldenhuys. Two of the other generals, Krappies Engelbrecht and Johan le Roux have already been implicated in some of the charges ...
Commissioner Johan van der Merwe also told the Truth Commission that the 1988 order to bomb Khotso House in Johannesburg originated in the state president’s office. // In 1988 the headquarters of the South African Council of Churches in Johannesburg was bombed. 18 people were injured and the ...
Schoon told the TRC that he’d never been disciplined for authorizing actions of an illegal nature and said that former Commissioners and Ministers of police such as Louis Le Grange, Adriaan Vlok, Johan van der Merwe and Johan Coetzee had all visited Vlakplaas.
Let’s look at these lies, denials and cover-ups. On the same day former policeman Paul Erasmus made these statements about Stanza Bopape I asked the former Commissioner of Police, Gen Johan van der Merwe about his allegations and charges made by the Goldstone Commission about dirty tricks.
... Major- General Deon Mortimer presented the Defence Force’s submission to the Truth Commission. And former police commissioner Gen Johan van der Merwe addressed the Amnesty Committee on behalf of five security ...
The attitude of the security policemen were probably best illustrated by Gideon Niewoudt’s lawyer, Francois van der Merwe, who moments after the crowd started weeping, uttered these words which were accidentally recorded. ‘It happened 15 years ago, and now they fucking cry for the first time.’
... about Vlakplaas and its evil mission. Cabinet ministers Louis le Grange and Adriaan Vlok knew. Police commissioners Johan Coetzee and Johan van der Merwe knew, in fact it was their idea. The last National Party president, FW de Klerk says he did not know. When he appeared before the Truth ...
... and the police agent murdered Leon and his wife. All the policemen involved received the police star for bravery from Commissioner Johan van der Merwe. I would like to know why the TRC did not get the Nortje statement from Dr D’Oliveira to give to the victims’ next of kin. And why Nortje ...
... subordinates appeared before the Commission to explain their role during especially the turbulent 1980s. First to testify was General Johan van der Merwe, South Africa’s last apartheid police ...
The authorization to cover-up the fact that Stanza Bopape had been killed, while in police custody, was given by Gen van der Merwe.
Mr. Justice Willem van der Merwe will soon have to decide, is Eugene de Kock simply a cold blooded serial killer or a victim of a vicious system that used and abused him, or perhaps both. Hopefully this is a beginning of a new era of truth. There are dozens of men, politicians, generals and ...
till they meet the former Minister of Law and Order, Mr. Vlok, just to find out exactly what happened to him and Vlok referred them to Johan van der Merwe who was then the Commissioner of Police. So the two guys say maybe he might have fled to exile, somewhere in Lusaka. So my father, he and ...
... something was wrong. // On Tuesday four former commissioners of police Generals Mike Geldenhuys, Johan Coetzee, Hennie de Wit and Johan van der Merwe issued a statement claiming detainees were always treated according to strict ...
Vlok used to come there, Commissioner van der Merwe used to come there, Kriel used to come there, Hernus Kriel used to come there at Vlakplaas, a lot of ministers used to come there.
It’s a pity we couldn’t see Mac Maharaj and Johan van der Merwe face to face. The hearing about the armies that physically fought the war was given an unexpected interpretation by former MK commander, Matthews Phosa.
This was one of only two cases that Genl Johan van der Merwe testified about this week. He is applying for amnesty. So is Adriaan Vlok. Shirley Gunn, who has brought a civil claim against Vlok, will now sue former state president PW Botha as well.
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