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Azanian People's Liberation army, military wing of the PAC, formed in 1967

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In order to foster the policy of the PAC, APLA adopted a strategy of robbery so that the necessary funds and perhaps arms could be obtained to assist in attaining its eventual political objectives.
MR GOOSEN: It concentrated on the internal structures of the ANC like the UDF and there was a separate unit called unit C was directly involved in terrorist investigations where MK, Apla and those were investigated.
The applicant, Nkosinathi Michael Siyolo is asking for amnesty for harbouring Apla cadres during the late 1980's and early 1990's.
Likewise, the fact that the applicants did not use their alleged code names and in fact, did not know, each other’s code names does not accord with normal APLA practice as has been explained to the Committee in other matter involving PAC cadres.
CROSS-EXAMINATION BY MS JALEEL: Sir, were all the junior policemen in general part of the ANC, UDF, Apla and MK were communists and the enemy of the NP and the great enemy of the police?
APLA, we talked about Hani suddenly talking peace when
MR PRINSLOO: Did you have anything to do with matters concerning military instructions and that of APLA?
MR BARNARD: Yes, Chairperson, the point of departure, as it was conveyed to me by the top structure of the CCB hierarchy was that the MK as well as APLA and PAC liaised very closely with the criminal networks and criminal lines and that they actually walked hand in hand with one another and for ...
... to ask a stupid question and that question is, had a signal like this been issued in the cases where police are investigating ex-members of MK and APLA who are in the SANDF and are charged for similar or related cases." ...
He stated that during or about the 11 January 1993 he was given an order by one Jabu Radebe, who was a Regional Commander of APLA to go and rescue a certain Makhosini Nkosi. Makhosini Nkosi had been a member of his Unit. Makhosini Nkosi and other members of the unit had been involved in an ...
MR BURGER: But the PAC, APLA, ANC, UDF, Umkhonto weSizwe, etc, they were the enemies of the Republic of South Africa.
... me from further attack. I immediately had to go back to Johannesburg for an emergency operation. My sources later told me that men from PAC and APLA living in Pretoria had received instructions to tail me and to kill me by setting my car on fire. At this stage I realised that the attack was ...
MR TEKANE: I completed it myself, with the help of a friend of mine and a fellow inmate, who is a member of Apla.
... kind of that sort. It must have been orchestrated by outside, it must have been part of a campaign by extreme other organisations and the PAC and APLA did claim responsibility for the attack, ...
The cell Mr Chairman, was located next to a cell which contained I don't know how many occupants, and I gathered subsequently that they were members of APLA and they proceeded to kick up a racket 24 hours a day, making sleep impossible.
Mr Morrison, were you a member of the PAC and of APLA?
MR MEMANI: And besides collating evidence and passing it on to the various people who would have use for it, you made visits to houses of people who had skipped the country to join MK and APLA.
He thereafter returned to Port Elizabeth as an APLA soldier and subsequently became a unit commander.
... about that. They asked me to which organisation did I belong. I said no I don't belong to any. One of them slapped me and he said you are a Apla. And I decided to tell them the truth. I said to them I am a member of the ANC. They asked me where the person was, the person I was with, I ...
... what it means is that it's nota bunch of ex-soldiers getting together having a braaivleis andswopping bush stories. What it is, is SWAPO, ANC, APLA, UhmkontoweSizwe, Koevoet, Rekkies, all the units every single unit everybodywho ever was trained in any way militarily getting together andjust ...
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