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Azanian People's Liberation army, military wing of the PAC, formed in 1967

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our intelligence services. In the case of the Umtata raid it was based on extensive surveillance that had indicated that the target was, indeed, an APLA base. This was, according to the reports that I received, substantiated by two independent police sources. ...
gave permission against APLA Forces, you recall their people being shot at that occasion, but not all cases
I was responsible for bringing about, for brokering the conference on enmity between the South African Defence Force, South African Police and APLA in Harare.
Botswana in connection with Apla arms. The PAC army. I was arrested by Nkosi Mutisana and Kleynhans. They took me to Vereeniging and De Deur and from De Deur they took me to Pretoria Central. There I was a very sick man. I was bleeding from my private parts and in my anus as well. I asked the ...
MR DE KOCK: Chairperson, the members that we had caught of MK or of APLA would then be handed over to the local Security Branch, they would do the questioning, they would do the identifying and they either recruit them or they would look at court cases and if it is not maybe related to other case.
MR MADUNA: I do not know, I only know that he was an APLA member.
Evidently from the applicant's evidence it was APLA strategy to kill the farmers to further their political objectives. In other words it appears from the evidence of the applicants that the act they committed, namely the killing of Mr Fourie, was a strategy aimed at overthrowing the government ...
Don't you there say that clearly Mr Biko was connected in a conspiracy to overthrow the State by violence and you mentioned the organisations, Umkonto We Sizwe, APLA and BCM, do you see that?
... diligent planning and goodwill enabled the relatively painless process with which the six forces, joined shortly after the elections by APLA as the seventh, unified in the National Defence Force on the eve of the national democratic elections in April ...
MR DE KOCK: Chairperson, he would have been shot in the head, there is no doubt about that. As I've given evidence before, there were instances in which our members shot an MK or an Apla and even though you knew he was dead you'd still fire two extra shots to the head to make sure that he was dead.
... above ground so that you can probe it, every issue of it, it was all done on a need to know on an underground basis, both from the side of the ANC, APLA, South African Police, the Army and everyone that participated in this. So in that situation Sir I say that it's not a normal situation where ...
The policemen were kidnapped, and a number of firearms were taken during the raid. The telephone lines were cut, and the applicants wrote the words APLA on the wall and in the charge office so as to confuse the police who would later investigate that ...
ADV MOTATA: I just want clarity there. Whilst you were in prison you were not a trained APLA member, wouldn't I be correct in assuming that?
MR MPSHE: We listened to the evidence earlier on thatthe political organisations that were operative in the area wereANC, PAC and perhaps Apla and it was said that Inkatha was notoperative in the area.
MS MAYA: That is all sir, thank you. Doris Twabu. Ma'am, you are going to tell us about your son who joined APLA, when to Lesotho in August 1982, is that so?
... Commander of C1, and Col Martin Naude was the Commander of C2. Our work at C2 was the identification of terrorists as well as research on MK and APLA ...
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