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Azanian People's Liberation army, military wing of the PAC, formed in 1967

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*     was a member of the PAC and its military wing APLA at the time of the commission of the three acts he seeks amnesty for; and that he
"The fact that both MK and eventually the Azanian People's Liberation Army, APLA, members started using neighbouring frontline states as a springboard for launching their armed attacks against the Republic led directly to the establishment of a cross-border capability aimed at eliminating or ...
MR FOURIE: These were person who had obtained military training abroad who had either joined MK or APLA.
... Police Intelligence agent in the media. Now, is thus the time to challenge all other individuals and organisations such as the ANC, MK, PAC, APLA, etc, to do the same and to come clean on their agents in the media, both past and present. Just as it evokes suspicion that after resigning as ...
MNR DE KOCK: "Nee, Voorsitter, dis toe 'n huis aangeval was van ANC lede, van APLA lede, waar daar ook 'n tweeling doodgeskiet is, mense van 'n baie jeugdige ouderdom. Op daai stadium, as my geheue my reg bedien, was oud President, mnr de Klerk, besig om die Nobel prys vir vrede te kry, in Oslo. ...
MR SANDI: Thank you Mr Chairman. Mrs Rousseau I notice that in your statement you make mention of a certain group with the name APLA. Did you know about this group before the shooting?
The Applicants are the Commanders of the then Azanian People's Liberation Army (APLA), the military wing of the Pan Africanist Congress of Azania (PAC).
MR TEMBE: Ntlantla did not chair the meeting, a mistake was committed there. He is a member of APLA and he was Mr Makwetu's bodyguard. He did arrive whilst we were at the beach, but I do not know what time he left. And he did not chair any meeting either.
What if he was a member of MK or APLA, Mr Venter?
... BOOI: No, I don't disagree with you in that but I'm just going further that they were not operating on their own solely as the turned guerrillas of APLA and MK but they were operating under the command of white policemen and soldiers as a group of askaris, so you dubbed them all as askaris when ...
... on or about 14 December 1991. The applicants were members of the Pan Africanist Congress and its military wing, Azanian Peoples' Liberation Army (APLA). At the date of the hearing of this application, the applicants had already served their terms of ...
MR KHUMALO: I will repeat what I have stated before. Prior to 1988, this intention of the desire to go to Lusaka had been with me. I knew about MK, APLA and other organisations prior to 1988, it was something that I knew before this time. I even informed Mr Archie Gumede after my detention that ...
MR BARNARD: Chairperson, the one was Jan Shoba who was a PAC/APLA Commander. What happened there was that it was during the time of the Waverley House, and in one of my co-ordinating sessions there was a computer printout, Mr Jan Shoba's name was on it and there was another brochure from a Hancock ...
"Communism in South Africa is alive and well and the mobilisation will oppose the blatant challenge of the ANC, SACP, APLA, through coordinated action and resistance, where necessary, in the interests of our people, our freedom and our country."
... He testified that he was a member of the Pan Africanist Congress (PAC) and also a member of its military wing the Azanian Peoples Liberation Army (APLA). He said that he was in a unit commanded by one Patrick Mohale from whom he received instructions and who he has been informed is now ...
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