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APLA attacks

During the early 1990s, the PAC proclaimed a military strategy of a 'protracted people's war', which involved the infiltration of APLA guerrillas into the country to conduct rural guerrilla warfare. The initial targets of such attacks were members of the security forces and white farmers who were perceived to be the frontline of defence for the former apartheid government. A 'repossession unit' was also set up, in which APLA cells conducted armed robberies on the instructions of the APLA High Command to raise funds andor obtain weapons and vehicles to enable APLA to carry out its military strategy. Civilians were killed or injured in many of these robberies. In 1993, attacks on civilians increased sharply with a series of high-profile attacks by APLA cadres on public places, including restaurants, hotels and bars, in urban areas. These were usually, but not always, places frequented by white civilians. The PAC/APLA claimed that the attacks were not racist in character, but directed against the apartheid government as all whites, according to the PAC, were complicit in the policy of apartheid. The 1993 attack on the St James' Church, Kenilworth, Cape Town, produced the highest number of casualties, with 11 people dead and 58 injured.

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... in or about 1992 was Moeketsi Johannes Jikile. The Applicant was the main role player in the tubing of Jikile who was being questioned about APLA farm attacks in the Orange Free State region. Having been arrested at his home he was held at Botshabelo Police Station near Bloemfontein and ...
"My objectives were to undermine the former settler regime to use APLA offensive attacks and to secure and maintain the complete unit of the movement. Arms were given to my commander, Morapapa, and he is the one who knew what he did with them. I am yours, sincerely."
MR KHUMALO: I will repeat what I have stated before. Prior to 1988, this intention of the desire to go to Lusaka had been with me. I knew about MK, APLA and other organisations prior to 1988, it was something that I knew before this time. I even informed Mr Archie Gumede after my detention that ...
TRC to understand the PAC as to what had happened during the attacks of the Azanian Peopleís Liberation army, that it was not only because of PAC or APLA were blood thirsty warmongers, it was also because of what had happened in the past. As Iíve already indicated that we left the country, many ...
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