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Khumalo gang

a vigilante group led by the Reverend Mbhekisini Khumalo in Tokoza, on the East Rand. The gang played a significant role in East Rand violence between 1991 and 1993 and was associated with the murder of key political leaders in the region. ANC members were abducted, assaulted, hacked and shot. Many were killed in targeted killings and shooting sprees. The gang was integrated into the organisational hierarchy of the IFP and executed projects under its leadership and direction.

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MR MASOKA: One other incident that I remember he did touch, with regards to the gangsters, the Bad Boys that is, and the Khumalo gang, that is. I have nothing further, other than that.
... with stones and set on fire at the soccer field at Radebe. His presence at the hunting down of Oscar in 1992 at Bushe Buzile, Oscar from the Khumalo gang, his involvement in the mutiny act, Mandela Section in 1993, new year's day 1994 incident where he was with Mr Ngubane, his involvement ...
... Tsotetsi, to implicate him in two other incidents are not convincing; his name did not feature on the list of people who allegedly made up the "Khumalo gang". (cf the Report of the Independent Board of Inquiry. (Page 29 of the bundle prepared for the hearing); and finally he was consistent ...
... was killed by the Inkatha gang, that is Musa Xulu. That's only then that we discovered. We were told by a certain man. She was killed by Alexis Khumalo and Musa Xulu. Musa Xulu is a KwaZulu-Natal Police. He is in Umlazi, but he stays in Hammarsdale. Khumalo is very well known. He's the ...
CHAIRPERSON: You said that the deceased was a member of the Khumalo gang and therefore supportive at least of the IFP. The sister of the deceased is going to say that this not so, you are not telling the truth, he was in fact a member of the ANC.
... there, you know, I do know that the Attorney-General of Johannesburg was, in fact, investigating a number of cases around Bishop Khumalo and the Khumalo Gang. So, I think that the investigation, obviously, still is in progress. The TRC has also received a number of statements from people who ...
... that, as the community we had, even the community, the other part of the community, had fired shots and we were not aware about the fact that Khumalo was there with his gang shooting and attacking. So it was not my decision as such that we should kill but it was the decision that was taken ...
... that time there was a report or an announcement that we submitted that in Annexure 12 the situation was in such a way that there was a gang called Khumalo Gang. I was only saying this so that I may be able to explain the whole situation and give you as full a picture as possible so that as the ...
from Extension 2, that is when Solly told me that at Buthle Buzele High School, there is a certain man by the name of Oscar, who was a member of the Khumalo Gang. We were looking for him, hunting him down, but we were not able to get him at the school. We decided to go to Sipho Steven Ngubane ...
MR TSHABALALA: Yes, there is the one incident that involves the gangs. I was one of the people who were patrolling. That is the Khumalo gang and the Thokoza Bad Boys.
Those three months which I stayed in detention, six people or seven people, were killed by Bishop Khumalo's gang, who is a member of the IFP. I was forced to get out of prison, because I was never granted bail.
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