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Khumalo gang

a vigilante group led by the Reverend Mbhekisini Khumalo in Tokoza, on the East Rand. The gang played a significant role in East Rand violence between 1991 and 1993 and was associated with the murder of key political leaders in the region. ANC members were abducted, assaulted, hacked and shot. Many were killed in targeted killings and shooting sprees. The gang was integrated into the organisational hierarchy of the IFP and executed projects under its leadership and direction.

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MR SIBEKO: The Mr Khumalo that you are talking about, is he the one who has been referred to as part of the Khumalo gang, or the leader of the Khumalo gang?
MR SHANE: You’re also applying for amnesty for your part in an attack on the Khumalo gang.
... Leratho Collen Nteo is hereby GRANTED amnesty for the murder of two unknown IFP members at Radebe Street Soccer Field; for assault on Oscar of the Khumalo Gang; for murder or attempted murder of IFP members at Tswaragana Lower Primary School; for unlawful raid of IFP houses at Dube Street and ...
MS VAN DER WESTHUIZEN: Now there's a reference made throughout this hearing of the Khumalo gang. Were you a member of any gang of a sort?
... that Luck had gone to my mother's place. The following day they came back and three black people were driving in a combi and they were members of Khumalo's gang, Bishop Khumalo from Tokoza. The police would come to our place and assault us looking for Lucky and they would tell us that Lucky is ...
MR MAJIKI: The first gang was known as Bad Boys, the second one was known as Khumalo gang. Now the Khumalo gang, you could not bear it. They would shoot and they were not playing. When they shoot they were also nor afraid of the police, whether they would be present or not.
In November 1993 the Khumalo Gang was a target of the SDU. The Khumalo Gang was reputed to be aligned with the IFP and allegedly caused many problems in the area. The gang was decidedly an anti-ANC grouping. It seems that this gang was led by a church minister who was a member of the IFP. He ...
fellow SDU members. The deceased was assaulted and questioned about his KwaZulu police affiliation, and his relationship with Bishop Khumalo of the Khumalo ...
MR SHANE: When you say Khumalo, are you talking about the Khumalo gang which was mentioned before to this Committee, headed by a certain priest?
He was with the Khumalo gang and shot about nine of our members. We then decided to call a meeting with the community and a decision was taken that we should deal with this man accordingly. After the meeting a resolution was reached that we approach the landlady to come to the meeting so that we ...
MR NTOMBELA: In 1992 in December I had a stokvel at home and the Khumalo Gang members came. I was inside the house selling and my brother who is dead now, was outside. Three boys came in, Khumalo gangster members and one sat down right next to me and the two others went on inside the house ...
... he had a card written Zulu Police and his surname was written as Khumalo and he was related to Khumalo, Bishop Khumalo who was a leader of the Khumalo gang in ...
There was also this so-called Khumalo gang that used to come to our area. These were the IFP members. They would come and start shooting people and so we decided to patrol that area and make sure that we do not lose lives.
ADV PRIOR: And the Khumalo gang?
MR KHUMALO: From 1990 we did not have a commander. At that time we still had problems with the Khumalo gang and we used to congregate as the community and barricade with stones so that they wouldn't gain access into the area. It's only during 1993 that Makasonke came and became our commander.
MR RICHARD: Now what did you know about the Khumalo Gang, if anything?
MR TSHABALALA: No, that was not the only gang, the other one was the Khumalo Gang.
ADV GCABASHE: I know you haven't mentioned anything at all about the gangs, the Khumalo gang, Bad Boys gang, you were not involved in any incidents relating to those gangs?
DR RANDERA: Mr Ntombela two questions, we heard early on this afternoon people talking about the Khumalo Gang. You've also lived in Tokoza. Can you just tell us and just give us your perspective of what is referred to as the Khumalo Gang?
... But his committee experienced a lot of problems, the ISU and the SANDF and gangsterism. There was a group of gangsters called "Bad Boys" and the "Khumalo" gang who operated in the ...
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