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Mdantsane bus boycott

On 18 July 1983, a boycott of the partly government-owned Ciskei Transport Corporation (CTC) buses started in Mdantsane, Ciskei, in protest at an 11 per cent fare increase. The boycott lasted until 15 March 1985, when it was called off at a mass meeting held by the Committee of Ten. During the boycott, members of the Ciskei security forces, backed up by vigilantes, carried out assaults and attacks on commuters to force them to use the buses. On 22 July 1983, five people were shot and wounded by Ciskei security forces at the Fort Jackson railway station. On 3 August, a state of emergency was declared in Mdantsane and a night curfew imposed. Meetings of more than four people were banned and people were prohibited from walking in groups larger than four. The following day Ciskei forces, with orders to stop commuters boarding the trains at all costs, opened fire on commuters at three Mdantsane railway stations. At least six commuters died and many were injured. Two more people were shot dead by Ciskei police within days of the railway station shootings.

In this list we have people from East London and Mdantsane. Nine are connected to the bus boycott and six were oppressed or assaulted outside the Republic of South Africa. I am going to read the witnesses names, the place that the person is from and the year that the incident took place.
MISS MAYA: Thank you Mr Chairperson. Mrs Njoli, I will start with you. The story you presented before the Commission is about yourself. You were injured during the issue of the bus boycott here in Mdantsane. Please tell us briefly what happened to you.
The bus boycott continued, schools were closed, people were detained, vigilantes were formed. In 1986, Iím sure that everyone here who is from Mdantsane will remember that at church everybody was beaten up, teargassed and sjamboked whether you were a Priest or a member of the congregation. All ...
MR SIBEWU: No, I went to court in 1984 when I was a member of the Committee of Ten in the bus boycott in Mdantsane.
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