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Murchison attacks

two attacks on ANC-supporting families in the Murchison area, near Port Shepstone, Natal, in the first half of 1993. 5 April 1993 - Ten ANC supporters were killed and two were injured when hooded attackers carried out a pre-dawn attack on a home in KwaSithole, Murchison, allegedly in an attempt to disrupt the peace process in the area. The attackers threw a hand grenade into the house and opened fire with AK47 and .303 rifles. 20 June 1993 - Thirteen ANC supporters, including three children, were killed and two people were injured when hooded gunmen armed with 9 mm and .38 Special pistols attacked three homes at Murchison.

... children from Izingolweni was attacked by armed gunmen. The driver and three children were killed. On the 5.4.1993 10 people were killed in Murchison, Bhambayi ward, when armed gunmen attacked the kraal they were sleeping in. On the 15.6.1993 at about 4.45 pm gunmen attacked a home at ...
COMMISSIONER: You are from the Murchison area again, like the witnesses before you, and like many other witnesses we have heard. You are from the Mbhayimbhayi area and Nkanyezini area, and you have come to tell us about a lengthy period of harassments, attacks, shootings which you and other ...
MR NGCOBO: No. They were trying their best with bombs and everything, but could not get hold of me. They also attacked me at Murchison but failed to hurt me. I reported some of the attacks to the police.
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