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a car tyre filled with petrol used mainly by UDF supporters to burn political opponents, especially those regarded as collaborators and police informers

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Look at people who are armed; Check on who will be delivering speeches; Look at those who necklace others; Spy on all secret meetings of Port-Elizabeth Youth Congress
... of whom now occupy senior positions within the ANC Alliance, have a duty to explain their involvement in human rights abuses, and specifically in necklace murders. ...
... work of many trials that an act that was portrayed throughout the world media and television which was a gruesome act, which was televised as the necklace murder was now, is now known to have been carried out by the regime's forces, but it was televised throughout the world as an ANC operation. ...
WITNESS: Yes, it was attempted murder because even at the time they were poking me with knives. Maqhina even said: "Take him, put him in the van. Let us take him to Kleinskool and necklace him."
MRS MADIKIZELA-MANDELA: I thought we came here to establish facts and to reconcile this country over atrocities, perpetrated by either ourselves or those people were working with. I did not necklace anybody.
used against collaborators. One of these involved placing a tyre filled with petrol around a victim's neck and setting it alight. It was called "the ...
Besides the intimidation where the notorious necklace murders played an important role, most of the black townships were dominated in the country.
"... interrogation, cigarette butts were nipped on my face and an attempt was made to set my hair alight. A tyre was put on my neck and a threat made to necklace me."
the necklace, they were going to necklace you?
11.11 The ANC for the first time publicly condoned the practice of the execution by "necklace" of blacks who "collaborate" with the South African Government. "Collaborators with the enemy" had to be eliminated. Asked if this included necklacing, he nodded emphatically. He is quoted as adding:
... on police during those years of the conflict and apart from that 505 people who were seen as collaborators of the police were killed by using the necklace method, while a further 710 were burned to ...
Information indicated that he was the only judge which could order an execution by way of necklacing. At the time of the incident he was charged in a necklace case, but owing to a lack of witnesses a hearing did not take place.
Committee and the South African Council of Churches. Apart from that supporters of ANC/SACP alliance by means of intimidation where the well-known necklace method played a very big role, they used this in order to dominate the black townships within the ...
... didn't need the permission of anybody. It was also not feasible for a group of people, two or three, getting together and say well we're going to necklace so and so, he's an impimpi. To say: "Shall we write to Oliver Tambo and ask him can we do so, this is the basis on which we suspect that ...
"I was only present in so aborted (that should read "the" I'm sure) - I was only present in the aborted attempt to necklace Mpikayi Pele Radebe."
"So the necklace was a weapon devised by the oppressedthemselves to remove this cancer from our society, the cancerof collaboration of the puppets. We have our own revolutionarymethods of dealing with collaborators, the methods of the ANCbut I refuse to condemn our people when the mete out ...
MR PRINSLOO: The left side of the page if you look Mr Derby-Lewis under the heading, sub-heading of "Wasteland", the last paragraph above the "necklace", will you read that to the Committee please.
MR NIEUWOUDT: I know of this, there were many necklace murders committed there.
Now these consumer boycotts and the stay-away actions was also enforced by threats and then also by applying the necklace method by means of the so-called people's courts. He was also responsible for the creation of underground structures, the revolutionary zones by the Amabuthu and also by ...
... police officials and other persons who in any way assistedthe State. These murders and killings often occurred by meansof the dreaded necklace ...
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