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A movement of pro-PAC Muslims established by Achmat Cassiem in the 1980s with the aim of intensifying Muslim involvement in opposing apartheid.

MR VENTER: And in those documents he was alleging that he was a member of Qibla.
MR BERGER: And in this dossier, numerous affidavits from security policemen, including Mr Loots as well as captured ANC cadres and it gives chapter and verse of a whole host of ANC and PAC and Qibla cadres, am I correct?
... question of Malinga, the application of Malinga. It raises concern, Chairperson. Various serious concern. Of course I don't have problems with Qibla. If the application was saying he was a member of Qibla, maybe I would have in a better position and that is what they did, he did it in ...
... applied for amnesty. His application was dealt with desperately for this application. In his application Malinga stated that he was a member of ...
MR LOOTS: Chairperson, it is a statement that I drew up which covers the period 11th of May 194 up to late in 1988, 16th of August 1988. It covers that period with regard to activities of ANC as well as PAC and other institutions, Qibla, amongst others, their activities in Botswana.
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