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Silverton bank siege

On 25 January 1980, MK operatives held people hostage in a raid on a bank in Silverton, Pretoria. In a shoot-out with the police, three operatives and two civilians were killed.

There’s another matter Chairperson which you might want to refer to which was I think was described at the time as the Silverton bank siege. This is the only instance in which cadres of Umkhonto we Sizwe took hostages. There were three cadres who were going on some operation. They realised that ...
three ultra right wingers who opened fire on a Putco bus outside Durban, killing seven people. In Pretoria we hear testimonies from survivors of the Silverton bank siege and the Church Street bombing carried out by Umkhonto we Sizwe and also from the sister of Leon Meyer ? who was killed in the ...
Lunchtime January 25, 1980. Three Umkhonto we Sizwe storm into the Silverton branch of Volkskas bank, but it wasn’t a robbery. It is one of MK’s strangest operations. They kept 25 people hostage for six hours.
The Silverton bank siege and the Church street bombing
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