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a long whip, originally of rhino hide

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After I confronted him with these facts and questions, he was very hard-headed and at that stage I took a black plastic sjambok and then also gave him several lashes over his body and legs.
... the person who interrogated her. The interrogation took place in Zulu. During his interrogation, Col Taylor hit Khubeka on her back with a ...
MR WILLS: Weren't you repulsed by a woman being beaten with a sjambok?
CHAIRPERSON: Did you see any sjambok at all in the office or in the room where it was?
MR SINGO: I had a sjambok.
MR MAGQABI: And that you further confirm that you participated in assaulting the deceased in that you assaulted him repeatedly with the sjambok both in the dark house and near the river?
... one of the girls and she was shouting his name. The sling was hanging through his trouser's loop and then on the other hand he was carrying a sjambok, which he was using to sjambok the lady that was running ...
MR MAJOLA: He was assaulted with a sjambok.
MR VAN DER WESTHUIZEN: During the interrogation, Col Taylor assaulted her and hit her with a plastic sjambok. According to my opinion, it was not a serious assault. The interrogation lasted for approximately an hour. During the interrogation Khubeka became quiet, she began to perspire and fell ...
MR MONO: Mrs Mandela started hitting me with a sjambok - we were lying down.
JUDGE WILSON: Who said he took a sjambok from some man,one of the accused, do you remember that witness?
basic document, that speech, as one of the basic document of the PAC which is always referred to, whatever they did. Where they use an analogy of a sjambok in that speech, they also in their submission use that analogy of a sjambok, Mr Chairperson. Just if the Committee can allow me to quote it ...
CHAIRPERSON: About the sjambok?
They started beating me. Beating me on the face with their fists. Slapped me on the ears from time-to-time. As I was naked then they beat me with the sjambok all over the body. I started bleeding and they beat me on the toes with the sjambok, the toes now.
MR PETER: They beat me with a sjambok.
MR CEBEKHULU: When I enter in the garage it was Mrs Mandela holding sjambok. She was whipping Lolo Sono and Richardson, he was standing, kicking and the others, the Mandela Football Team, they were surrounding.
MR MAKANJEE: In your evidence at the trial you were asked about the assaults and you stated that Mrs Mandela, Mrs Madikizela-Mandela, started hitting you with open hands, with fists and also with the sjambok. Do you confirm that?
MR MAGQABI: And that you participated in the assault and that you assaulted him with a sjambok repeatedly and that the purpose of the assault was to cause him to say where the firearm was because it was a danger to the community?
Lucky was killed. Dr Tlatla and Gadimeni and Richard Ramodiba, conducted a post mortem on Lucky's body and they discovered that he was killed by 41 sjambok marks, and afterwards the started conducting the ...
MR WILLS: So if we have a situation here where I think it is common cause that the woman was assaulted with a sjambok and it is possibly not common cause, the intensity of that assault, you cannot definitely exclude the fact that some of those injuries arose from that assault?
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