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Taxi violence

Intense competition between taxi operators for ranking facilities and routes escalated from 1991 and acquired a political character in certain areas of the western Cape and Transvaal. Over 200 lives were lost in attacks on taxis and passengers in 1992 alone. Organisations formed to bring about peace and unity in the taxi industry failed to reach understanding or maintain agreements, and violence continued throughout the 1990s. Certain town councillors and other groups were linked to taxi violence in Cape Town. On the East Rand, taxi associations were perceived to be identified either with the IFP or the ANC.

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MR RICHARD: Now, you make mention in your application of taxi's and violence. In your Mooihoek, Tafelkop area, was taxi violence prevalent or hardly known?
CHAIRPERSON: Yes, but was there also a taxi violence?
What I know was happening at Efoluweni, it was the violence between the taxi people and the community, not political violence. Secondly, that actually passed, that is the incident that was relating to the taxis and the community.
MR SINGH: Okay, firstly, 1991, Eastridge, taxi violence was on and Solomon Dlamini made a speech saying that, a MK soldier he was.
MR RICHARD: And you also confirm that there was taxi violence in and around that area at the time?
MR RICHARD: It follows that because you confirmed the previous two witnesses' evidence, you believed that the taxi violence in your area was politically motivated?
MR RICHARD: To be very short, I am going to only go into taxi violence. Was there taxi violence in the Tafelkop, Mooihoek area in 1990, that you can remember?
MR STEWART: At that time had there been taxi violence in this area?
MR LAX: Did you ever see that taxi involved in any other violence of any description?
possession of an R4 rifle and ammunition; for public violence; for the murder or attempted murder at Lethuthuka Senior Secondary School of unknown taximen affiliated to IFP; for murder or attempted murder of IFP members in a taxi at Khumalo Street; for murder or attempted murder of unknown IFP ...
... you know which you're not telling this tribunal. Whether they had to do with revenge because of something concerning Mr Toyise or because of the taxi violence that was going on and where Pro was trying to make peace between the different groups, you know the reason and that is why you killed ...
MR ZWAYI: I think there has been a mistake. I was at some stage involved, I was involved in the taxi violence at some stage, I think that has got nothing to do with this particular incident.
"It was in 1990, and I was just from work. I was working at Whiteville Airfreight and there was violence at the time. The taxis were fighting amongst each other, taxi drivers and I was getting off from the taxi. I came across Oupa Modise and they told me that we had to keep vigilant during the ...
The taxi violence also was so active in mobilising this whole violence. We did not get to understand exactly as to what part they played as the taxis in this whole violence.
"In the townships there was a taxi war raging and we suspected that the police were instigating the violence in order to sabotage negotiations progress, which were underway at that stage between the ANC and the NP-led government."
MR MOTJALE: He was a queue marshall at the taxi rank at Khumalo Street. That was before the violence in Tokoza.
MR MOPEDI: You further told us that you were effected by the violence itself at school between the taxi people. How were you effected if you were effected adversely?
MR BIZOS: During that period, in the early 90's, many innocent people were killed on the trains, at taxi ranks, by men with balaclavas and with automatic weapons. Now being in the Security Police, was it a concern of the Security Police to discover who was responsible for that violence?
were part of the taxi industry. They did not even have vehicles. He reiterated that there was political violence in the area and said there was no taxi violence in the area. Because of the reasons that will be given hereunder for our decision in this matter, we do not deem it necessary to make ...
... not disputed that the deceased had, at that point in time, tried to act as mediator in various situations but more particularly in regard to the taxi ...
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