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TRC Final Report

Page Number (Original) 525

Paragraph Numbers 9 to 11

Volume 3

Chapter 5

Part Appendix

Subsection 3

Perpetrator organisations

9 The top eight organisations allegedly responsible for killings in the Cape Town office area were as follows:

10 Over 500 killings are attributed to the South African Police (SAP), which dominates the chart. Black political organisations account for the rest of the killings. From the chart below, which shows the three organisations named in the highest numbers of allegations, it can be seen that most of the killings took place during the states of emergency.

11 The peaks of killings in 1976 (the Soweto uprising) and the states of emergency are attributed to the SAP, with pre-election violence by the PAC showing a peak in 1993. The SAP also dominates the chart of severe ill treatment violations:

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