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A listing of subsections within this chapter.


The list provides links to read these subsections the actual reports.

TRC Final Report
Volume 5, Chapter 6

SubsectionDescriptionPage Number (Original)Paragraph Numbers
Subsection 0Introduction 1961 to 10 Read
Subsection 1Submissions to the Commission continued 19811 to 30 Read
Subsection 2Amnesty applications / Accessing information from role-players 20231 to 43 Read
Subsection 3Legal challenges 20444 to 51Read
Subsection 4The Commission’s shortcomings 20652 to 62 Read
Subsection 5How the findings were made 20863 to 66Read
Subsection 6How the findings were made continued 21067 to 76Read
Subsection 7Primary finding 21277 to 83 Read
Subsection 8Findings on the SSC and the policy of elimination 21484 to 89 Read
Subsection 9Findings on the SSC and the policy of elimination continued 21590 to 99Read
Subsection 10Findings on the state and unlawful activities 218100 to Read
Subsection 11Finding on former President PW Botha 223102 Read
Subsection 12Findings on the destruction of documents by the former state 226105 to Read
Subsection 13Finding on the role of allies of the state : The homelands227106 to 109 Read
Subsection 14Findings on the Inkatha Freedom Party 229110 to 116 Read
Subsection 15Findings on the Inkatha Freedom Party continued 232117 to 121 Read
Subsection 16Other findings related to the IFP and/or KwaZulu government 235122 Read
Subsection 17Right-wing opposition groups 236123 to 125 Read
Subsection 18Finding on the ‘third force’ 237126 to 129 Read
Subsection 19The liberation movements 238130 to 135 Read
Subsection 20Violations committed in the course of the armed struggle 240136Read
Subsection 21Gross violations of human rights committed by the ANC in exile 241137 Read
Subsection 22Gross violations of human rights committed by the ANC after its unbanning 241138 Read
Subsection 23Findings in regard to Mrs Winnie Madikizela-Mandela and the Mandela Football Club 00Read
Subsection 24Findings in regard to the Pan Africanist Congress 244139 to 140 Read
Subsection 25Findings in regard to the United Democratic Front (UDF) 245141 to 144Read
Subsection 26Finding in respect of the killing of IFP office-bearers 247145 to 150 Read
Subsection 27Civil society - The health sector 249151 to 155 Read
Subsection 28The health sector continued 00Read
Subsection 29Faith communities / The business sector / The media 251156 to 157 Read
Subsection 30The judiciary 253158 Read
Subsection 31Further findings - Children and youth 254159 to 160 Read
Subsection 32Children and youth continued / Women 255161 Read
Subsection 33Conscription / Conclusion 257162 to 165 Read
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