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TRC Final Report

Page Number (Original) 232

Paragraph Numbers 238 to 250

Volume 6

Section 3

Chapter 1

Subsection 22

Northern Natal Security Branch

238. The Northern Natal Security Branch was based at Newcastle, with operatives based at Vryheid, Empangeni, Eshowe, Jozini, Ndumo, Melmoth and Nongoma.

239. Two applications were received from the Northern Natal Security Branch for an abduction and two killings, one in 1980 and one in 1985. Both applicants, warrant officers at the time, were granted amnesty for the 1980 killing, but the applications for the 1985 abduction and the killing of Mr Jameson Ngoloyi Mngomezulu were refused .

Eastern Cape Security Branch

240 . The divisional headquarters of the Eastern Cape Security Branch was based in the Sanlam building in Port Elizabeth, where several detainees lost their lives at the hands of the Security Branch. The headquarters later moved to Louis Le Grange Square. Branches and sub-branches were based in Uitenhage, Cradock, Grahamstown and Fort Beaufort.

241. Twelve members of the Eastern Cape Security Branch, including two divisional commanders, applied for amnesty for eight incidents. A Security Branch informer, Patrick Mncedisi Hlongwane, also applied for amnesty for a number of incidents. Applications were also received from members of the C1 (Vlakplaas) unit and from the Technical Division of Security Branch Headquarters for their participation in Eastern Cape Security Branch operations.

242. Incidents applied for include nine or possibly ten abductions and fifteen killings that occurred between 1977 and 1989. Only three of the victims appeared to be directly linked to MK structures (Gcinisizwe Kondile, Siphiwe Mthimkulu and Topsy Madaka). Eight of the remaining twelve were prominent political figures (Steve Biko, the ‘Pebco Three’ and the ‘Cradock Four’), three were Security Branch operatives and one was an informer (linked to the ‘Motherwell Four’).

243. Applicants were granted amnesty in ten instances and refused in eighteen78 Mr Hlongwane was refused amnesty for all acts associated with his activities as an informer for the Eastern Cape Security Branch in the 1980s.

78 Steve Biko, the ‘Pebco Three’ , the ‘Cradock Four’ , the ‘Motherwell Four’, the torture of Mkhuseli Jack .
Border Security Branch

244. The Border Security Branch was based in East London, with branches at Queenstown, Aliwal North, King William’s Town and Elliot.

245 . The Amnesty Committee received an application from a former Divisional Commander of the Border Security Branch, then Colonel Johannes Lodewikus Griebenauw, and one from one of his subordinates for their role in assisting the SADF in an operation code-named Katzen.79 They were both granted amnesty. Major General Griebenauw, then still a Colonel, also applied for amnesty for his role in securing jobs in the SADF for two Transkei Security Branch operatives who were facing charges arising from the killing of MK operative Sithembele Zokwe in Butterworth in the Transkei on 11 June 1988. This application was refused, as no offence was specified.

79 Johannes Lodewikus Griebenauw [AM5182/97], Phillip Jacobus Fo u che [AM6742/97].
Western Cape Security Branch

246. The divisional headquarters of the Western Cape Security Branch was based at Caledon Square and later in Loop Street in Cape Town .

247. Five members of the Western Cape Security Branch applied for amnesty for five incidents and an unspecified number of incidents involving torture. The five incidents included three acts of sabotage, one killing and one attempted killing. Several of the applicants belonged to the Terrorist Tracking Unit.

248. Amnesty was granted in all but two incidents.

Orange Free State Security Branch

249. The Orange Free State Security Branch was based at Bloemfontein with a branch at Ladybrand and a sub-branch at ThabaNchu and Bethlehem. Orange Free State Security Branch operatives were also based at several border posts with Lesotho.

250. Nine applicants from the Orange Free State Security Branch applied for twelve specified incidents. These included four abductions, four attempted killings, torture, and a number of attacks on houses or vehicles using petrol bombs. Applicants in three incidents were divisional commanders: then Lieutenant-Colonels Johan van der Merwe, Dirk Genis and Eben Coetzee. An informer, later a police recruit , sought amnesty for some of the above incidents as well as an additional eight incidents. Amnesty was granted in eleven instances and refused in eighteen.

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