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A listing of subsections within this chapter.


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TRC Final Report
Volume 6, Section 3, Chapter 3

SubsectionDescriptionPage Number (Original)Paragraph Numbers
Subsection 1Introduction: General overview of amnesty applications 3381 to 12 Read
Subsection 2General overview of amnesty applications continued 34013 to 20 Read
Subsection 3Issues impacting on the amnesty process 34221 to 27 Read
Subsection 4Summary and analysis of amnesty applications34528 to 36 Read
Subsection 5Summary and analysis of amnesty applications continued 34737 to 42 Read
Subsection 6Attacks by IFP supporters 34843 to 53 Read
Subsection 7Caprivi trainees35154 to 61 Read
Subsection 8Vigilantes / Special Constables / Esikhawini unit 35562 to 70 Read
Subsection 9Amatikhulu and Emandleni trainees35971 to 76 Read
Subsection 10Self - protection units 36177 to 85 Read
Subsection 11The amnesty arena: Full disclosure / Furtherance of political objectives 36386 to 101Read
Subsection 12The right-wing and the IFP 367102 to 110 Read
Subsection 13Motives and perspectives 369111 to 118Read
Subsection 14Reconciliation 371119 to 128 Read
Subsection 15Conclusion 374129 Read
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