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TRC Final Report

Page Number (Original) 374

Paragraph Numbers 129

Volume 6

Section 3

Chapter 3

Subsection 15


129. Despite the relatively few applications from IFP members, the Amnesty Committee found that the evidence they contained was consistent with the trends and patterns revealed in the testimony of victims of human rights violations who appeared before the Commission and in the documentary material made available to the Commission by state officials .

Who I am.

I am the IFP, I am the soldier who I am. I am well trained. I am the son of Goodwill (The King of the Zulus.) Who I am, I am an incredible, you can’t find me anywhere, but I am there for protection at iZingolweni. They know me. At Ulundi they saw me. Everywhere they know me, who I am. I am the one who was trained, trained at eMandleni at uMfolozi. (This place where I say I was trained at is not true. It is true that I was trained but not at this mentioned place).

When I am back, I spoke the misunderstood language. They said it is isigagaga, but I simply said ga-ga-ga. The answer was the G3. Who I am, I am the one who is fighting for my land. I am the one who was jailed for the truth. I am the one who was jailed for my friends. I am the one who was jailed for the death of my loving mother. I am the one who was tried to be killed every moment of my life. I am the physician of human life, I am the scientist of human training, I am the biologist of human thoughts. I am the fighter fighting for my eternal life. Who I am. Now you know who I am, for I am here for you my friends. Yes, I am here for my life to surrender. In death, pain I surre n d e r. If I die for my rights, who I am.

My soul will cry no more, for though hearts are free to be stopped, for my eyes a re free to be closed, for my feet will walk no more, but if my present is for the struggle of letting my friends in the hands of Buthelezi, who I am. Mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, brothers and sisters, I remember the spirit of Gqozo, who said the blood will heal the broken soul. Who I am. Some call me uklova, for though that is true, I am the son of the free are a .

I am the son of liberation. (That is all).

Poem written by Mr Goodman Musawakhe Ngcobo [AM5632/97; AC1999/0339], Nkulu IFP Youth leader, while on death row for the assassination of ten ANC supporters in 1991.
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