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Special Report Transcript Episode 11, Section 3, Time 11:44

These people were nervous, this man was nervous; he didn’t want to say anything in the office. I then decided that he had to be taken to a field across from the Johannesburg market for interrogation. // Mr. Gerber arrived at the scene after us, and he told us there were people in the vicinity and that we had to take the deceased to Cleveland to interrogate him there. // On arrival at the second spot, it seems also the spot was very well known to Mr. Gerber and Van Eyck. // He denied any knowledge of the incident. And I decided to extract the information from him by means of coercion. // At Cleveland, at the mine dump, Mr. Gerber took a rope and shock apparatus out of his car. He tied up the deceased’s feet; a canvas bag had already been pulled over his head. And he was then suspended from a tree by his feet. Mr. Gerber then attached the shock mechanism to his private parts and to his finger and administered shocks with this machine. // There was liquor in my car and we started drinking. During these types of investigations and interrogations alcohol is always used. No right thinking person can act in this way without your conscience plaguing you.

Notes: TRC testimony: Hennie Gerber (amnesty applicant); TRC testimony: Johann van Eyck (amnesty applicant); TRC testimony: Jack Nkoana; Gerber; Van Eyck; Gerber

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