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Special Report
Transcripts for Section 3 of Episode 11

11:09Hennie Gerber, an ex-policeman and investigator for Fidelity Guards is currently doing time for the 1991 murder of fellow employee, Samuel Kganakga. Johann van Eyck was convicted in the same trial and along with Gerber has applied for amnesty on the grounds that this was a political killing. // Jack Nkoana, still a Fidelity guard, worked closely with Gerber and Van Eyck. He took the stand to oppose their application. Amidst heavy security Gerber told the Committee how he detained Kganakga on suspicion of being involved in a multi-million rand robbery at Fidelity’s Hillbrow branch. Full Transcript and References
11:44These people were nervous, this man was nervous; he didn’t want to say anything in the office. I then decided that he had to be taken to a field across from the Johannesburg market for interrogation. // Mr. Gerber arrived at the scene after us, and he told us there were people in the vicinity and that we had to take the deceased to Cleveland to interrogate him there. // On arrival at the second spot, it seems also the spot was very well known to Mr. Gerber and Van Eyck. // He denied any knowledge of the incident. And I decided to extract the information from him by means of coercion. // At Cleveland, at the mine dump, Mr. Gerber took a rope and shock apparatus out of his car. He tied up the deceased’s feet; a canvas bag had already been pulled over his head. And he was then suspended from a tree by his feet. Mr. Gerber then attached the shock mechanism to his private parts and to his finger and administered shocks with this machine. // There was liquor in my car and we started ...moreFull Transcript
14:06His face started swelling and his legs were because of the rope the skin started coming off. // At the time, at 12 o’clock was he still hanging on the tree? // He was still hanging on the tree. // After eight hours of torture Kganakga still denied any involvement in the robbery. // I spoke to him again and I explained to him that all these things were totally unnecessary if he would just cooperate with us. He made no comment. The next moment Oosthuizen took out his fire arm and shot Samuel in the shoulder without any reason, without saying anything. // He was bleeding profusely and I shoved him away from me. He wanted to get into my bakkie and I prevented him from doing so because he was bleeding so heavily and my bakkie would then be full of blood. He ran away after which Mr. Gerber fired shots at him. // That is when I realised we had big problems. I took my firearm and I shot Samuel. Full Transcript
15:34During their criminal trial neither Gerber nor Van Eyck made mention of a political motive for the killing. This time they argued that Kganakga was stealing funds for the PAC and that in stopping him they were countering the continuing total onslaught by liberal movements against the nationalist government. The Committee took some convincing. // Are you suggesting that this murder was aimed at the PAC, is that what you’re saying now? Aimed at a particular political organisation? // I wish to argue with respect Chairperson that Mr. Gerber believed that the deceased was at the least a supporter of the PAC and the purpose was to expose the PAC and that he was a component of it. // We are discussing his murder, not anything else. That is what you must address us on. Full Transcript
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