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Special Report Transcript Episode 11, Section 3, Time 14:06

His face started swelling and his legs were because of the rope the skin started coming off. // At the time, at 12 o’clock was he still hanging on the tree? // He was still hanging on the tree. // After eight hours of torture Kganakga still denied any involvement in the robbery. // I spoke to him again and I explained to him that all these things were totally unnecessary if he would just cooperate with us. He made no comment. The next moment Oosthuizen took out his fire arm and shot Samuel in the shoulder without any reason, without saying anything. // He was bleeding profusely and I shoved him away from me. He wanted to get into my bakkie and I prevented him from doing so because he was bleeding so heavily and my bakkie would then be full of blood. He ran away after which Mr. Gerber fired shots at him. // That is when I realised we had big problems. I took my firearm and I shot Samuel.

Notes: Jack Nkoana; Commissioner; Nkoana; Voiceover; Gerber; Van Eyck; Gerber

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