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Special Report Transcript Episode 11, Section 3, Time 15:34

During their criminal trial neither Gerber nor Van Eyck made mention of a political motive for the killing. This time they argued that Kganakga was stealing funds for the PAC and that in stopping him they were countering the continuing total onslaught by liberal movements against the nationalist government. The Committee took some convincing. // Are you suggesting that this murder was aimed at the PAC, is that what you’re saying now? Aimed at a particular political organisation? // I wish to argue with respect Chairperson that Mr. Gerber believed that the deceased was at the least a supporter of the PAC and the purpose was to expose the PAC and that he was a component of it. // We are discussing his murder, not anything else. That is what you must address us on.

Notes: Judge Wilson; Harry Prinsloo (Legal Counsel); Judge Wilson

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