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Special Report Transcript Episode 12, Section 3, Time 10:34

We have waited for seven years since TZ’s death for official contact from the ANC. Nobody, nobody, despite what he did for the organisation, came to us to say ‘we are sorry’. Just to offer their sympathy. No one came. There is some contradiction. The military wing was with him, they supported him right through, even at the time when his corpse was fetched from Zambia. They were with him; they were working with the family. They had nothing against him. And the people who were not working with him, that is the security, is the group that had something to do with him. There’s that contradiction, which shows that there was a little clique. One of the papers quoted that there was a struggle of power. And, of course we’d known, my son said it when we went to see him the last time in Zambia. He said that there was bad blood between him and Jacob Zuma.

Notes: TRC testimony: Mrs. Ngwenya (Mother)

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