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Special Report Transcript Episode 12, Section 6, Time 30:33

June 16 1976. A nasty tragic day for hundreds of young people. But also a day that became a turning point in the struggle for freedom and democracy in South Africa. From Soweto, resistance spread like wild fire through the Witwatersrand and then the rest of the country. It led to harsh repression, but eventually the sacrifice of the young people was rewarded. Let’s look at some visuals to remind us of that period and some statements of the erstwhile rulers that make one’s blood curdle.

Notes: Max du Preez in studio

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TRC Final Report Glossary
The San and Battalion 31 95 The information below is drawn from a submission to the Commission by the !Xu & Khwe Vereeniging vir Gemeenskaplike Eiendom (the !Xu and Khwe Union for Common Property/Ownership). The submission suggests that the bulk of the approximately 350 !Xu and Khwe were ...
■ 1976–1982 Overview 107 In 1976, the Johannesburg area was the centre of the most sustained and violent protests the country had ever seen. 1976 has frequently been described as a turning point in South Africa’s political history. The conflict sparked by the former state’s attempt to ...
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