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Special Report
Transcripts for Section 3 of Episode 2

03:35While the Truth Commission is limited to the exposure of gross violations of human rights, apartheid was far more than detention without trial, torture and death. A searing collective hurt in Cape Town to this day remains the death of District Six. On 11 February 1966 P W Botha declared it a white area and its tight knit community was scattered to the wastelands of the Cape Flats.Full Transcript and References
04:00Cape Town artist, Roderick Sauls, was born at no 90 St Philips street, District Six. // As a child at seven years old were forced to move out because of the Eastern Boulevard they said were gonna come over our little house. We moved out, and we went out to Bonteheuwel and my family couldn’t accept that, especially my mother and my father who both worked in town. They actually rejected the whole idea but there was nothing they could do about it. I t was very emotional, I mean my one aunt just worked across the road there at [inaudible] had asthma. She couldn’t understand why she had to go and live so far away from town. And these people for me, I felt that even at the age of seven, I was losing my friends. People disappeared in the night, you never saw them afterwards, and you would go to school one morning and find that your friend is not there anymore. You know, the house is gone. I mean, the roads here, we used to play ‘blikkies,’ hide and seek. There was alley ways; my ...moreFull Transcript
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