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Special Report Transcript Episode 2, Section 3, Time 03:35

While the Truth Commission is limited to the exposure of gross violations of human rights, apartheid was far more than detention without trial, torture and death. A searing collective hurt in Cape Town to this day remains the death of District Six. On 11 February 1966 P W Botha declared it a white area and its tight knit community was scattered to the wastelands of the Cape Flats.

Notes: Historical film footage: District Six

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TRC Final Report
The effects of apartheid legislation 41 Overall, what the National Party did in its first ten to twelve years of power amounted, in Leo Kuper’s words9, to “a white counter-revolution” to forestall the perceived (although, as will be noted later, misinterpreted and exaggerated) growing ...
1950 Group Areas Act 30 In terms of the Group Areas Act, the entire country was demarcated into zones for exclusive occupation by designated racial groups. Implemented from 1954, the result was mass population transfers involving the uprooting of (almost exclusively) black citizens from their ...
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