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Special Report Transcript Episode 2, Section 7, Time 11:50

If somebody puts his arms up he’s actually giving up, he’s giving himself up and he says that I am defenceless. But the police kept on. He was my only son. // Tony Weaver, then deputy news editor of the Cape Times, enlarges on a police cover up. // And unfortunately for them, Chris Bateman who reported on the Cape Times went to the scene; he spoke fluent Zulu, found three eye witnesses to the shootings. // No policeman came to me to tell me anything. I saw it with my own eyes on TV, that’s the time I collapsed. // There was not even one policeman who came to inform me about this. // I went to see the mother of Jabulani Miya and of Christopher Piet. I was the first person who’d been to see them of any … I wasn’t an official, I was a journalist, but nobody else had been to see them. // At the inquests even less was understood. // What I saw at Wynberg, Afrikaans was spoken a lot and there were no interpreters and we could only hear here and there, we didn’t really understand what was happening because of the Afrikaans that was used at the time. We didn’t even know who were the people discussing all these. We had no interpreters; we didn’t have interpreters to know what was going on, to help us with this.

Notes: TRC testimony: Eunice Miya; Tony Weaver; TRC testimony: Eunice Miya; TRC testimony: Irene Mxinwa; Toney Weaver; TRC testimony: Irene Mxinwa

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