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Special Report Transcript Episode 23, Section 2, Time 02:08

Revelations of police involvement in violence and weapon supply has met with a denial from KwaZulu chief minister Dr Mangosuthu Buthelezi on the one hand while on the other the ANC is convinced that this confirms the existence of the so-called third force. The revelations came to light at a joint news conference by state president FW de Klerk and mister Justice Richard Goldstone yesterday. // The 36 page interim report contained allegations involving top police officials including deputy police commissioner Lt-Gen Basie Smit, CID Chief Lt-Gen Johan le Roux and head of the police counter intelligence division, Maj-Genl Krappies Engelbrecht. They and the other police officers named in the report were placed on immediate leave. Police units implicated were the old Vlakplaas units C10, the East Rand Murder and Robbery Squad and the Durban Security Branch as well as the KwaZulu police. The report is based on information received from a police officer only identified as Q. It is alleged that the three generals and a group from Vlakplaas had been, until 18 months ago involved in the manufacture of guns on the East Rand and in Silverton, Pretoria. Guns had also been received from Koevoet in Namibia and from Mozambique.

Notes: GMSA News bulletin, 19 March 1994

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a police counter-insurgency unit set up in South West Africa in 1979 by members of the SAP Security Branch. It comprised recruits mostly from the local population who were trained as a mobile unit to gather intelligence, track guerrillas and kill them. Koevoet (Afrikaans for 'crowbar') soon gained ...
The KZP was created in February 1981 and had jurisdiction over the largest and most populous dormitory townships in KwaZulu. From its inception, it displayed an open bias towards Inkatha (later the IFP). Later it contributed to political violence in KwaZulu/Natal by assaulting, shooting and ...
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