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Special Report Transcript Episode 25, Section 3, Time 11:22

We were round about at the flats when the police came chasing out and they were chasing a group of people and shooting. Certain incidents during [inaudible] told me that we must get out of the way, that we should move to the flats. I ran into one flat and he ran into another one. I heard some shots. When I came out I saw them drag my brother’s body out. According to one of the eyewitnesses a certain mister Donalds, he was standing on the steps and so he could see inside the bathroom in which my brother was at the time. He said that the policeman told my brother to come out and my brother answered him ‘Okay, sir, I am coming out please don’t shoot’ and he put his hands into the air. And then the policeman shot him from very close range. The bullets penetrated his heart and his liver and his lungs. And while my brother was laying on the ground the policeman’s colleagues came out and congratulated him telling him it was a good shot. Afterwards there was a court case but the decision of the court was that no one was to blame, that the policeman acted in the line of his duty, so no one was to blame.

Notes: Richard Carolissen interviewed

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