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Special Report Transcript Episode 25, Section 3, Time 14:57

I heard the telephone ring. I went back, picked up the phone and somebody said. Your son was shot dead last night he is lying in hospital. It hurt me so much. I could not believe it. I put down my food and walked up the street. And when I stopped in the road I saw everybody standing there. They were all standing silently, but nobody spoke to me. Then I realized something was wrong. And then I asked them, where is my boy? Who shot my son? And then they all said. The Boers shot your child. And then I had no option. I could not argue because I had not been on the scene. I then went home and then I went down to the morgue to look there. And I saw him lying there. When we came out I asked the pathologist. Sir, how was my son shot because I hear he bent down to pick up stones. The pathologist said he did not bend down - if he had bent down he would still be alive - he was running. And as I walked away two constables, white policemen came to me. They said good afternoon. And I said hello. And then I asked sir, who actually shot my son? They introduced the one as Capt Coetzee and the other as Lt Oosthuysen. When I asked who shot my son he said. I shot your child.

Notes: Alexander Faas (father)

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