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Special Report Transcript Episode 37, Section 6, Time 16:10

At approximately 1 am that morning we went to Manzini and we initially attacked the house with stun grenades. All of us were involved. When we launched our attack, lights were switched on inside the house and I could see Nyanda moving, running from one room in the house to another and also running down the passage. Someone shot him in his legs form outside, I cannot remember exactly who that was. Thereafter he went into the bathroom where he locked the door. Someone else who was in the house, in the bedroom at that stage jumped out of the window and ran away. Almond Nofemela shot at the man and injured Jeff Bosigo in his ankle in the process. I shot the door of the house open and when I kicked the door open there was a man in the kitchen who had just come from the passage into the kitchen. He was wrapped in a blanket. He jumped up and ran down the passage immediately. I went after him and I kicked open the door of the bedroom he had fled into. The light was on and I started shooting at the man. I killed him. There was a woman hiding in the wardrobe. We left her there and did not injure her. Thereafter I went out through the kitchen door again and I saw Nyanda trying to jump out of the bathroom window. Eugene de Kock shot him with an AK47. He fell, got up and ran away. De Kock shot him in his back.

Notes: Brig Jack Cronje

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