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Special Report
Transcripts for Section 3 of Episode 47

14:29Now we look forward to the testimony of the National Party and other political parties which starts in Cape Town tomorrow. Let’s move to Nelspruit in Mpumalanga where the Truth Commission’s Amnesty Committee heard the cases of former activists across the political spectrum. One of the men who pleaded for amnesty this week was convicted right wing murderer Hendrik Johannes Slippers. Slippers and a group of fellow AWB members fatally assaulted a black man because he dared to walk in a white suburb after dark.Full Transcript and References
15:03The political changes that took place in South Africa in 1990 had left Hendrik Slippers so disillusioned that he decided to join the Afrikaner Weerstands Beweging. // I identified myself with the objectives of the AWB and believed that they could bring about the necessary political changes.Full Transcript
15:46By the end of 1990 Slippers was the acting commander of the AWB in the Eastern Transvaal Town of Belfast. He told the Amnesty Committee how he’d received an instruction from his superiors to participate in the AWB’s so-called ‘white by night’ operation. // The streets of white residents would be patrolled from 9 pm in the evening and that all blacks will be removed from the town, if not willingly, forcefully.Full Transcript and References
16:17 On the 13th of February 1991 after he and another right winger had consumed a bottle of brandy Slippers led a patrol to enforce the white by night curfew in Belfast. They kidnapped and assaulted George Nkomane, the first black man they’d encountered that night. // After we had picked up the black man I got onto the back of the bakkie and during the transportation of the deceased out of town he was assaulted on the back of the bakkie by members of the group. After we had dropped off the deceased he started to run back in the direction of town, which was then the white residential area of Belfast. We caught up with him and argued and the deceased was being assaulted. I started to assault him with the fist, where after he fell and mister Smit started to kick him and jump on him. // No there was no racial hatred involved because I did not know the person. It was on instruction of the AWB and I was executing an instruction; that is why this incident took place.Full Transcript
17:46You were there, we were not there. We are looking at the post mortem report. It says the deceased was not just assaulted but was brutally assaulted. You agree with that? // As far as I’m concerned it didn’t seem that bad at the time. // If your attitude is that the deceased was not brutally assaulted and your attitude is that you did not and could not foresee that he would die, why do want amnesty? Full Transcript
18:21Slippers also told the Committee that he’d lost his wife just weeks after the white by night murder. She died in a road accident involving a black motorist. // I hope that the community, especially the family of the deceased can forgive me for what I did to them, the same way I forgave the black man who took my wife away from me. Full Transcript
18:47Slippers claims he now understands the importance of racial harmony but says he feels betrayed by his beloved organisation, the AWB and his leader Eugene Terreblanche.Full Transcript
18:59If I could find one AWB member in prison, and there are many of them, who says Eugene Terreblanche did something for him I will take his hand because there is not one. Not one. I would say that anyone who joins the AWB today is simply a fool. He won’t get anywhere. His family will only suffer as mine did. I’ve lost everything. My daughter was five weeks old when I went to prison. She’s now five years old. And I hardly saw her while I was in prison. I’ve lost everything.Full Transcript
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