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Special Report Transcript Episode 5, Section 6, Time 20:21

Well, the first amnesty applications were heard at Phokeng this week. It is just one of the many side chapters in the history of the former government’s disastrous homeland policies. // Mathebe mountain pass, a pile of stones, this is how the Bafokeng remind themselves of victory in battle over the Bahurutshe in the late 1700s. Yet conflict between the Bafokeng and the leading Bahurutshe member continued well into present day politics. // Lucas Mangope from the Bahurutshe line was installed as president of Bophuthatswana in 1977. Leader of the Bafokeng, the late chief Labone Molotlegi, strongly opposed the Bantustan system. The Bafokeng insisted on tribal independence and on their seat of power, Phokeng to remain a part of South Africa. Mangope was equally insistent that it would never happen. The Bafokeng are a rich tribe, 80 percent of the world’s platinum is mined on their land. Yet, Mangope was given control over their land and rights. // It was the first time to experience the splits amongst the tribes and this was brought by the then president of Bophuthatswana.

Notes: Max du Preez in studio; Lucas Mangope; TRC testimony: Kebareng Bgkopane (Bafokeng Tribal Council)

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