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Special Report Transcript Episode 78, Section 2, Time 04:20

Johannes Beneke was not part of the interrogation team. He claimed that he intervened only when he heard shouts from the next room. // I heard loud talking in this back office and I went closer and in the door, which gave access to this office – while I stood there, I stopped there – I noticed at some point that Mr Biko threw a chair forwards and that he tried to throw a punch at Siebert. // Continue. // I moved forwards very quickly and I grabbed Mr Biko’s right arm with which he was performing this swinging motion or movement and I bumped him on the shoulder with my shoulder. // Why did you do that? // I wanted to prevent him assaulting Capt Siebert or attacking him. // In what condition was Mr Biko immediately after the skirmish? // He seemed dazed. // And what was your condition after the skirmish? // I’d hurt my elbow and my clothes were torn at this stage. // What clothes were you wearing? // I was wearing a safari suit.

Notes: Johannes Beneke (Amnesty applicant); Counsel

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